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About Marigny

A closeup of Marginy deMauriac smiling at the camera.

Marigny deMauriac


Marigny deMauriac, CFP®,  AAMS®, is a graduate of Loyola University and an 8 year veteran of the finance industry. She earned her Accredited Asset Management Specialist™ designation in 2016 and her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation in 2020. She launched deMAURIAC, a 100% women-owned CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Registered Investment Advisory firm in 2019.

Prior to becoming licensed in finance, Marigny earned her Master's in Counseling and worked in mental health. While working in mental health, she directly counseled children and adults, led and co-facilitated group counseling sessions, investigated civil commitment cases and court-ordered commitments in criminal proceedings, and interviewed clients who had been involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital. Her experience working in mental health prior to working in finance was foundational in forming the comprehensive and collaborative approach she takes when working with individuals in their financial lives. She envisions a world where people are able to change unwanted financial behavior and have productive conversations about money without feeling overwhelmed, anxious or stressed. She assists clients in aligning money with core values in order to live simpler, more intentional financial lives.

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Get in touch with your questions. New Orleans, LA deMAURIAC Financial Consulting & Wealth Management