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Why Choose deMAURIAC?

When selecting an advisor, it is important to know that there are two primary types: Fiduciary Advisors and Non-Fiduciary Advisors. 

  • Fiduciary Advisors are Registered Investment Advisors ( RIAs ) like deMAURIAC, while Non-Fiduciary Advisors are sales representatives of brokerage firms.
  • Fiduciary Advisors are held to the highest ethical standards in the industry.

As more people call themselves “financial planners,” finding the right professional to address your financial planning needs isn’t always easy. deMAURIAC provides a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE, putting you and your needs at the center of every financial planning engagement. Before you hire an investment advisor, determine if you want a Fiduciary Advisor or a Sales Representative investing your money and giving you financial, retirement, and investment advice: Questions to Ask

Client Account Custody & Insurance

We utilize Charles Schwab, a full-service national firm, to custody your portfolio’s assets,  process and record deposits and withdrawals, and provide you with trade data, monthly account statements and tax documents. Read more: A Winning Relationship: You, Your Advisor, & Schwab

Each client’s assets are insured through Charles Schwab by SIPC, FDIC and private insurance coverage against fraud and the custodian’s financial collapse, but not against asset value fluctuations. How Client Assets Are Protected