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Digital investing with access to personalized advice, web based financial planning tools and help whenever you need it.
Minimum Balance$5,000
Personalized investment portfolios based on your risk comfort level & goals
Technology that automatically monitors your portfolio and rebalances as needed 
No trade commissions
Automatic tax loss harvesting 
Access to interactive online planning tools 
A digital financial plan that provides a customized road map for reaching your goals. 
Unlimited on demand access to professional financial guidance & concierge client services
Annual cost (percent of assets under management) 0.50%
* We do not charge a fee for managing emergency fund/cash accounts
* Minimum balances include 401k rollovers and account transfers in
* Annual cost does not include underlying expenses that exist within funds in your portfolio. *$120 minimum/year.


How it works:
  1. Complete a short questionnaire to establish your goals, risk tolerance, and timeline.
  2. Get a diversified portfolio of ETFs chosen by experts.
  3. Then, we monitor your portfolio daily and automatically rebalance it as needed.
  4. In addition, you'll receive access to unlimited, on demand professional financial guidance and access to our interactive online financial planning tools to assist you throughout your financial journey
 Get Started

To discuss a plan for transitioning existing accounts, please schedule a virtual visit below.