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Directly addressing the needs of women investors.


How We're Different

We directly address the needs of women investors.

We are a 100% woman-owned firm. We give objective financial advice and create tailored plans that consist of thoughtfully selected investments for our clients, while taking into account financial concerns unique to women such as gendered pay disparities, possible career breaks to care for loved ones, lifespan longevity and increased health care expenses in retirement. We are gender inclusive. Our goal is to help close gender money gaps, not to exclude men. We welcome the opportunity to get to know what's most important to you and your loved ones.

We Put Your Interests First. Always.

We are an independent registered investment advisory firm. We operate as fiduciaries, which means we uphold the highest standard of care and always put our clients' interests first. We deeply value our personal relationships with you and your loved ones and know that your happiness is what drives our ongoing business success. 

Clarify, define, and prioritize your goals.

About Our Firm

We bring you peace of mind through ongoing financial education and personalized strategies that align with what's most important to you. We want you to feel confident and well-prepared throughout all of the stages in your life.  


We are upfront about our expenses and our process. We are compensated through a transparent cost structure on our managed accounts and provide reviews of existing insurance policies at no cost to our clients (see solutions & pricing). We want you to feel our pricing is both competitive and easy to understand. We also want you to feel comfortable asking us questions anytime. 

Personalized approach.

We strive to provide the highest level of service and do so by facilitating open, candid conversations about what is most important to you. We want you to meet with us where you are most comfortable, whether that means meeting in the boardroom, via a virtual meeting while you sit at your kitchen table, or by phone. We look at your entire financial picture and help you clarify, define and prioritize your goals then give you actionable advice you can implement now. 

Socially conscious investing.

No cookie cutter portfolios. We know that being socially conscious doesn’t just mean excluding certain things from your portfolio. It also means investing where you want to make an impact. We diligently research investments to create plans centered on what’s most important to you.

About Our Founder

See what we have to offer.

Solutions & Pricing

See what we offer

Invested AssetsPercentage
Up to $500,0001.0%
$501,000 - $1,000,0000.9%
$1,000,001 - $2,000,0000.7%
$2,000,001 and above0.5%

  • Initial discovery/consultation at no expense. 
  • Portfolio reviews and stress testing at no expense.
  • Comprehensive financial consultations, on demand fiduciary financial advice and unlimited email support
  • Personal financial management website & client vault for your important documents
  • An interactive, digital financial plan that provides a customized road map for reaching your goals, updated daily, in real time
  • Transparent cost structure
  • Insurance reviews at no expense: We tell you if you're paying too much for the coverage you have by taking a deep dive into your current policies.

We believe everyone deserves access to objective, high quality financial advice and peace of mind.
That's why we created Kick Start! A 3 Month Intensive Program.

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You're open to taking a realistic look at your finances
  • You're not sure what questions to ask. You sometimes feel a bit stuck or overwhelmed by the amount of information you find online.
  • You want to see how all of your investments, insurances, retirement plans, etc work together and have an organized, big picture of your finances
  • You need a trusted advocate to help you prioritize your goals and identify vulnerabilities in your current plan.
  • You want to make real, positive change 

Minimum Balance$5,000$50,000
Annual cost (percent of assets under management) 0.25%0.50%
Personalized investment portfolios 
Technology that automatically monitors your portfolio and re-balances as needed 
No trade commissions
Automatic tax loss harvesting 
Access to interactive online planning tools 
A digital financial plan that provides a customized road map for reaching your goals. 
Unlimited on demand access to professional financial guidance 


* We do not charge a fee for managing emergency fund/cash accounts
* Minimum balances include 401k rollovers and account transfers in
* Annual cost does not include underlying expenses that exist within funds in your portfolio. *$120 minimum/year.

Open A Digital Investment Account Now:  Get Started

Make It Count!

Make It Count! is a financial literacy & accountability group.

Members benefit from the following:

  • Access to your own online financial planning tools and secure document vault so you can begin, revise and implement your evolving financial plan
  • Strategically grow your emergency fund or investment account monthly
  • An invitation to join Make It Count! Private Financial Literacy & Accountability Group for additional support & ongoing discussion
  • Invitations to join group Q & A sessions and ongoing advisor office hours
  • First access to focus-area financial literacy workshops
  • Monthly informative articles & helpful financial checklists
  • Invitations for you and a guest to attend Exclusive Networking Opportunities for deMAURIAC Private Clients & Friends

Interested in joining? For more information or to be added to the group please contact us

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