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Additional SolutionS

employer resources

Business Advisory Services

Providing comprehensive planning that integrates business growth objectives with your individual and family financial goals, including developing a business exit strategy, contingency planning for business partners and/or generational legacy planning.

Retirement Plans for Businesses & Non Profits

Employer-sponsored plans are one of the easiest ways to systematically build retirement savings. You can offer:

  • Automated payroll deductions to make saving easier An employer match for contributions
  • Pre-tax salary contributions to lower your current tax liability
  • Roth K salary contributions for tax-free withdrawals in retirement
  • Non Qualified Deferred Compensation programs for key employees

As an employee, talk to your benefits administrator about the types of plans your employer offers. If you're a business owner or non profit executive, schedule a time to find out about options that make sense for your organization or to review your current benefits package to make sure it is still competitive in the marketplace. We can assist you in documenting necessary due diligence on your current retirement plan offerings. Periodic review of your current plan offers major advantages for recruitment and retention of valued employees as you grow your organization.

Philanthropic Advisory Services

Advising donors and non profits on advanced charitable giving strategies to help you make a lasting community impact.

Financial Literacy Program Design

Financial education just went from “nice to have" to “MUST have." But, one-size-fits-all financial literacy programs are not effective for most organizations. Design a financial literacy program that ACTUALLY works. What deMauriac can do for your organization:

  • Uncover the needs and desires of the target audience to be reached via surveys & interviews.
  • Develop a financial training program that is tailored to your organization and has immediate applicability.
  • Provide a systematic mechanism for refreshing financial concepts on a regular basis, whether online or in short, facilitator-led sessions. 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the training program and make adjustments as needed
Outsource Certified Financial Planning Services
Looking for more personalized financial planning for yourself and your employees? That's something we provide.

What's included? Tailored, certified financial planning services from a fiduciary for all eligible staff as a monthly, subscription-based, membership model or as an annual contract. This should be offered as a part of your overall benefits package. Dependent on your needs assessment, this service may include the following, as applicable:

  •  Detailed asset allocation, research and risk analysis of current investment and benefits plan portfolios (cost assessment and investment performance benchmarking provided with no obligation to change from your current providers)
  • College expense projections/planning
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Debt planning, including mortgages, student loans and lines of credit
  • Retirement planning/projections
  • Insurance needs/risk analysis
  • Benefit design and review of federal and state compliance issues
  • Benefits consulting for new, current and retired staff
  • Estate planning gap analysis and identification of potential tax planning obstacles or opportunities
Business Advisory Services New Orleans, LA deMAURIAC Financial Consulting & Wealth Management

Interested in resources for employers? reach out or schedule a discovery call.

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