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financial planning is good for business

Small-Mid Size Business Financial Advisory Services

Providing comprehensive financial planning that integrates business growth and revenue objectives with your individual and family financial goals, including developing a business exit strategy, contingency planning for business partners and/or generational legacy planning, so all the pieces of your business and personal financial goals come together.Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

Retirement Plans for Organizations

Employer-sponsored plans are one of the easiest ways to systematically build retirement savings and assist your employees in improving their own financial wellness. 

Need to set up a new retirement plan for your organization? Would you benefit from a stress test, performance or cost analysis of your current plan provider?  Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

Philanthropic Advisory Services

Advising donors and non-profits on advanced charitable giving strategies to help you better develop your plans to make a lasting community impact. Request Information on Non-Profit solutions & charitable giving

Financial Literacy Program Design

Financial education just went from “nice to have" to “MUST have." But, when it comes to engagement, a one-size-fits-all financial literacy program is not effective for most organizations. Design a financial literacy program that ACTUALLY works for your organization.

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Outsource Certified Financial Planning Services
Looking for more personalized financial planning for yourself and your employees? We can provide tailored, Certified Financial Planning services as a monthly, subscription-based, membership model, as a part of your overall financial care and benefits package for your organization.

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Interested in resources for organizations? 

Interested in a workshop or speaking engagement? New Orleans, LA deMAURIAC Financial Consulting & Wealth Management