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life stages of financial planning

Life stages of financial planning:

Common concerns & next steps

Life StageEarly Career
Mid Career
Late Career
Early Retirement 
Late Retirement
Common concernsGetting Started
Strategic Planning & Balancing Priorities
  • Caring for children or aging loved ones
  • Saving enough for retirement
  • Being tax smart 
Approaching Retirement
  • Revisiting feasibility of funding your lifestyle in retirement
  • Evaluating changing cost of healthcare and long term care 
Adjusting to a New Lifestyle
  • Switching from accumulating assets to needing income replacement 
Clearly Defining Your Legacy
Possible Next Steps 

Build positive money habits early

  • Pay down debt
  • Build an emergency fund
  • Learn about retirement account options & investment types
  • Automate retirement contributions

Prioritize competing financial goals
  • Consider the importance of tax diversification
  • Think in terms of percentage of setting aside money
  • Evaluate changing insurance needs
  • Consider the expense required to care for an aging loved one
Clearly define, develop and revisit your timeline to retirement
  • Tax plan: What will your income sources be? Prepare for tax impacts
  • Prepare for higher health care expenses in retirement

Monetize assets to ensure a sustainable, tax efficient income stream

  • Evaluate income options from employer retirement, being mindful of tax laws
  • Develop a post-career identity: What do you want to do with your time?

Review and update estate documents

  • Engage trusted loved ones in estate, charitable giving goals, and end of life planning

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