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Financial Wellness

Teaching you how to effectively use Certified Financial Planning™ strategies in your everyday life, so you may live with less financial stress, have the confidence to make informed money decisions, and achieve your own version of financial freedom. 

The explorerS: Navigating Love & money

Financial wellness academy designed for couples:

We cover topics such as...

  • Money in relationships
  • Navigating joint income and spending
  • Retirement savings and tax-smart income strategies
  • Conquering toxic money habits and learning about cognitive biases
  • Making and implementing a comprehensive, joint financial plan

Includes: On demand videos you can view at your convenience, activity workbook (including checklist and resources guide) & one on one couple's consultation.


The Adventurer: Fearless Investing For Solo Women

Financial wellness academy designed for single women:

We cover topics such as...

  • Investments 101 (basic principles of investing and understanding different investment types)
  • Smart money moves & avoiding pitfalls
  • Maximizing passive income & tax smart retirement planning
  • Impact and socially conscious investing

Includes: On demand videos, activity workbook (financial checklist & resource guide), one on one consultation, & small group, virtual Q & A. Date and time TBD for live group session, based on group consensus. Video available for those unable to attend live sessions.


Get in touch with your questions!

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