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Questions to Ask When Choosing A Financial Advisor

When selecting an advisor, it is important to know that there are two primary types:  

  • Fiduciary Advisors are Registered Investment Advisors ( RIAs ), like deMAURIAC, and are held to the highest ethical standards in the industry.
  • Non-Fiduciary Advisors are sales representatives of brokerage firms.

deMAURIAC provides a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE, putting you and your needs at the center of every financial planning engagement.  Before you hire an investment advisor, determine if you want a Fiduciary Advisor or a Sales Representative investing your money and giving you financial, retirement, and investment advice: Questions to Ask

Client Account Custody & Insurance

A Winning Relationship: You, Your Advisor, & Schwab

 How Client Assets Are Protected

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